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Solutions to build the future

The manufacture of our steel structural profiles complies with the highest quality standards, satisfying all the needs of the industry. We offer certified products of high resistance and steel grades; the quality of our products is the guarantee that strengthens our clients. In PROLAMSA we continue growing and consolidating as the most important company in

Custom Components

PROLAMSA attends a wide variety of industrial clients. For the specialized industry, PROLAMSA offers pipes and structural steel tubes with precise laser cuts, CNC bending, special finishes and other value added processes.

60 Years of Commitment With Our Customers

At PROLAMSA, we know that commitments are stronger than steel. This is the reason why we have been working hard every day since 1954 to innovate and deliver quality products to every corner in America. Today, after 60 years of history, we cheerfully celebrate our commitment with our customers by investing in new technologies that

PROLAMSA introduces new line of HSS products

Always innovating with steel tube products, Prolamsa offers a new line of Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) for the construction market. This new catalog includes round tubing up to 16″; square sections up to 12″ and rectangular shapes of 12″ X 8″. Thicker widths are offered too, from 1/4″ up to 5/8″.