Shipping through truck or railcar

  • Multiple transportation options
  • Quick response to all inquiries: 24/7
  • Load scheduling through an appointment program
  • Shipping supervision through satellite tracking



Shipping service / Merchandise supervision

  • Optimal placement of the load
  • Shipping documentation system with a photographic record
  • Attention to emergencies
  • Safe shipping (in PROLAMSA, we make sure all of our carriers have safety equipment such as stakes, belts and canvas, in addition to the units being in perfect conditions)
  • C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification
  • NEEC (Nuevo Esquema de Empresas Certificadas) certification

Carriage & Insurance paid by PROLAMSA (CIP)

  • Hiring of units with competitive rates
  • Door-to-door deliveries
  • PROLAMSA Insurance